2. Under the Freeway there is a River

    Performing with the Joshua Payne Orchestra


  3. stone face


  4. Reach


  5. Los Angeles River Bather


  6. Hand, Heart, Water, Flow


  7. A frog jumps in a pond, 

    sound of one hand.

    (Source: changerpg)


  8. June Bloom


  9. Heart Stone

    May 2014



  10. Blue Wash Apparition

    Live Projection Painting

    photo by Nathaniel Kastelic


  11. Spring Flower, Bless the Water


  12. The Sacred Datura

    I went for a walk after an early morning rain on the Los Angeles River. I brought back this Datura Flower to my studio. The rain dew droplets and stow-away denizens of this flower attracted my attention. I wanted to make this microcosm come to life with dancing light. This is the result of my experiments that day.

    The music is by Boom Bip, from the album, Seed to Sun. The song is appropriately titled, The Use of Unacceptable Colors in Nature.

    Thanks for watching.